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“I think you could say I’m not your usual designer. For one thing, I’m also a builder, and much of the work I do involves architectural changes. But I’m not the kind of designer/builder who hires an outside contractor to add onto your home, then arrives back on the scene just to apply the finishing touches. I plan the entire project right from scratch. Then I oversee all the work. Nothing is left to outsiders, or to chance.”

Hello and welcome. I’m Sandy Rabaut, president of Rabaut’s Interiors. Just as a well-designed home is a true expression of its owners’ true inner selves, so Rabaut’s reflects my deep personal commitment to total design integrity. Which means a unique, start-to-finish, all-encompassing control of the work. Every step of every project is personally supervised by me and my staff. And all the work is done by our in-house artisans and master tradespeople.

“Ninety percent of our work comes through referrals. That says everything.”

I’d like to briefly tell you about what our clients already know. About the dedication to personalized design and total craftsmanship that permeates everything we do. Rooms, houses, offices, additions, bathrooms, kitchens. And even simple re-arrangements.

“I’m not out to impose my own signature look. The first rule of design is: Listen.”

Many clients know what they want. Most do not. That’s why they hire a designer. And that’s why it’s important for me to get to know them. What kinds of things appeal to them. What’s their lifestyle? Active? Quiet? Are they the right people for a cozy, warm environment, or an open, sparse look?

“Your new kitchen, for instance.”

A client told me that she had gone on a kitchen tour. “They all looked alike,” she said. Sad but true. Kitchen designers should be doing more than just selling cabinets. Your kitchen, no less than any other room in your house, should reflect you. It should have individuality, drama, pizzazz, character!

“I was afraid you’d be so expensive.”

I’ve heard that so often. But the fact is that the brands we work with, such as Maitland-Smith, Hooker and Pearson fit a wide array of budgets. And since we personally help you shop for the materials you need, we can help save you money by matching the selections to your cost parameters.

“And now, enjoy the tour!”

I especially invite you to look through our Portfolio of Interiors. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas. Spark some thoughts. Then, we’d love to hear from you. Take a moment to go to the Contact Us page and tell us what we can help you with, or what your thoughts are. Or just come right into the store and talk to us. It could be the start of something beautiful.